i thought that the video was very sad. The stories on how and why the students committed suicide. It was horrible how the students didn’t show any signs that they were going to commit suicide. I like how some schools took a day to bring the students together. Overall, I liked the video, sad but it was moving.

Phobia of water

I would want my toes to go in to know it’s okay and it’s not going to hurt me. Then slowly work my way up. That’s what I’d want to do.


I would have to say I’m addicted to my cell phone. I can’t go anywhere without it and when I do leave it behind I get really stressed out. When I don’t have my phone I feel empty and I wonder how I’m going to go through the day. I also use my cell in moments when i dont like a conversation. If someone is talking about something I don’t care I pull out my phone and look at something else.

I know when to use it and when not to so I don’t get in trouble for it.


The things that stress me out the most would be late assignments, people that bicker at me for unnesscary things, deadlines, and family.

I deal with stress by talking about it with people, mainly my boyfriend, he helps me a lot. Sometimes I talk to the people that are stressing me out. When my stress gets bad I listen to music to drown away everything in life and sit in my room. But when my stress overwhelms me I cry then I talk to people to make me better.

I dont always do the same thing. I do a little assessment to myself, I usually ask myself how much stress is this causing me, how do I feel about it, etc. Then I act on it within reason.

The way I deal with stress works for me.

A girls life

the only thing I can really say is that the movie was intense. I knew what girls went through but I never really saw it. I don’t remember it that much. But I feel bad for the girls that had to go through what they did.

Woman President

I would vote for a woman president. I would because I believe females are the stronger sex, we can handle more as far as pain; childbirth! We can handle more when it comes to conflicts, we don’t just attack, girls like to talk about it and try to find a solution but if it came to war then thats the end of it.
I’m guessing the men’s point if view of this would be no because they would feel demasculated, they wouldn’t want a woman above them. Another of their concerns would be, how would they handle the issues on their period? Well I know when I’m on my period and I have to work, I am a completely different person, i don’t put my personal problems into my work life. It’s not professional.
But I would vote for a female president. :)


The stereotype of man; he should be strong, macho, hardworking, shouldn’t cry or have any feminine qualities that shows any sign of weakness, they get mad a lot more often than girls. That’s all I can think of on the top of my head.

The stereotype of a women; she should be nice, kind, want to clean, want to have kids, take care of kids, be soft, cry a lot , no strength, the weaker of the sex. That’s all I can think of.

In our society men shouldn’t have any of the same qualities as women, if the qualities make them weaker. If they do then they are looked at as if they are gay.

Someone like me?

I can’t really think of anyone who is like me, I’m completely unique. And nobody is anyone like me. I mean some people have the same traits; my mom is like me in the way of bubbliness, sense of humor and always looking for fun. My sister, Rissa, in the way she is quiet and says her peace when needed. My littlest sister, Allison, in the way I can be loud and obnoxious. My dad in the way of working hard, not taking no as an answer, my drive and ambitious nature. So if you combine all those together you have me.

The whole nine yards?

I would like to be married at some point, after high school or later. I know I want to get married but it has to be the right guy. How will I know if he is? Or if the marriage will work out? You don’t, nobody does and that’s the beauty of it. I don’t know I want children, I’m sure I will later in life but not now, I don’t know if I have that mommy gene, that every other girl has. I don’t think I have it but you never know it could change. I would like to get married like 22 or so. About 4 years from now or tomorrow, it doesn’t matter just as long as it feels right. Everything will happen in time.


When I’m 30, I plan on already being a psychologist for at least 4 years. I plan on being married with kids (maybe) I plan on being in a rural area, Portland Area. I just hope that my life will be in line and everything works out that I want. But nobody can predict where they’re going to be. Life always changes and so will I.